Media Contacts PR is a boutique public relations consultancy representing international and domestic travel, hospitality and leisure brands. Established in 1993, it has been based in Oxfordshire since 2004. Areas of expertise include hotels, luxury villas and resorts, wellness retreats, serviced apartments, ski, golf, activity/adventure holidays, tourist offices and tour operators. We work according to our principals:




Over the years, the consultants have built an invaluable network of contacts across print, digital and influencer media. This they continue to extend and update in response to the changing media landscape. The target is an engaged audience with an active interest in travel, gastronomy, adventure, ski, golf, family, health and culture.

Strong communications campaigns are exclusively tailored for each client with commitment, flexibility and precise targeting. A friendly and intelligent approach works for client and media. The priority is a high return on investment, achieved through positive exposure and enhanced public awareness.

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